Alyssa Thomas Wife DeWanna Bonner Milestone in WNBA Scoring

Alyssa Thomas wife and teammate of DeWanna Bonner, witnessed a historic moment in the WNBA as Bonner ascended into the top-five of the league’s all-time scoring list. This remarkable feat was achieved when Bonner surpassed her ex-wife Candice Dupree’s scoring record. The milestone came during an exhilarating opening night game where the Connecticut Sun triumphed over the Indiana Fever with a convincing 92-71 victory.

The atmosphere in the arena was electric as fans and teammates alike celebrated Bonner’s achievement. Thomas, who had an impressive game herself with 13 points, 10 rebounds, and 13 assists, expressed immense pride and admiration for Bonner’s relentless pursuit of excellence. Her performance and milestone were not just a personal victory but a testament to her enduring skill and dedication to the sport, even at the age of 36.

As the game unfolded, Bonner’s prowess was evident. She finished the night with 20 points and six rebounds, with a crucial layup during a fast break, orchestrated by Thomas, marking the moment she passed Dupree. This was not just a win for the Sun but a celebration of Bonner’s storied career, which has often been overshadowed despite her consistent excellence.

The Connecticut Sun’s overall performance was a display of teamwork and strategy, with three additional players scoring in double figures. Yet, the highlight remained Bonner’s ascent in the WNBA’s scoring hierarchy, a moment made all the more poignant by the support and joy of her wife, Alyssa Thomas. This game was a powerful reminder of the impact of perseverance, talent, and the unique bond between Bonner and Thomas, both on and off the court.

EventDeWanna Bonner entered the top-five of the WNBA’s all-time scoring list.
Key MomentBonner surpassed Candice Dupree’s scoring record.
Game ResultConnecticut Sun defeated Indiana Fever 92-71.
Player Highlights
  • Alyssa Thomas: 13 points, 10 rebounds, 13 assists.
  • DeWanna Bonner: 20 points, 6 rebounds, historic layup.
Team PerformanceConnecticut Sun showed excellent teamwork, with three additional players scoring in double figures.
SignificanceBonner’s achievement is a testament to her skill and dedication at age 36; celebrated by wife Alyssa Thomas.


Game Highlights

In a thrilling opening night for the Connecticut Sun, DeWanna Bonner showcased why she is one of the WNBA’s most formidable forwards, delivering a spectacular performance that etched her name into the annals of the league’s history. Bonner’s night was highlighted by her scoring 20 points and grabbing six rebounds, but the moment that captured everyone’s attention was when she surpassed Candice Dupree in the WNBA’s all-time scoring list. This milestone was achieved with a dynamic layup during a fastbreak, masterfully orchestrated by her wife and teammate, Alyssa Thomas. This play not only showcased Bonner’s scoring prowess but also the seamless synergy between her and Thomas.

Alyssa Thomas herself had a night to remember. With a triple-double comprising 13 points, 10 rebounds, and 13 assists, Thomas demonstrated her all-around game and pivotal role in the team’s success. Her joy was palpable as she celebrated Bonner’s achievement, a testament to their deep personal and professional connection. Thomas’s ability to facilitate, score, and rebound with such efficiency underscores her status as one of the league’s top players.

The Connecticut Sun’s victory was not just about the star duo. Dijonai Carrington, Tyasha Harris, and Rachael Banham also played crucial roles in the team’s dominance. Carrington, with 16 points and five rebounds, was particularly impactful on defense, making life difficult for the Fever’s Caitlin Clark. Her aggressive defense and scoring ability added a vital dimension to the Sun’s game plan. Tyasha Harris contributed 16 points and two assists, showing her scoring touch and playmaking skills. Rachael Banham, coming off the bench, added 10 points, demonstrating the depth and versatility of the Sun’s roster.

On the other side, Caitlin Clark struggled against the Sun’s robust defense. With 20 points but 10 turnovers and a shooting performance of 6-for-15 from the field, Clark found it challenging to establish a rhythm. The Sun’s defense, known for its intensity and strategic acumen, proved too formidable for the young star, highlighting the team’s defensive prowess and strategic planning.

Player Highlights
  • DeWanna Bonner: 20 points, 6 rebounds, surpassed Candice Dupree in scoring.
  • Alyssa Thomas: Triple-double with 13 points, 10 rebounds, 13 assists.
Key PlayBonner’s dynamic layup during a fastbreak, orchestrated by Alyssa Thomas.
Team Contributions
  • Dijonai Carrington: 16 points, 5 rebounds, strong defense.
  • Tyasha Harris: 16 points, 2 assists.
  • Rachael Banham: 10 points off the bench.
Opposition PerformanceCaitlin Clark: 20 points, 10 turnovers, 6-for-15 shooting.
Team StrategyConnecticut Sun’s defense and strategic planning highlighted.

Alyssa Thomas’s Comments on Bonner’s Achievement

In the post-game reflections, Alyssa Thomas shared her views on DeWanna Bonner’s historic night and overall career. Thomas emphasized that despite Bonner’s consistent high-level performance, she remains one of the most underrated players in the WNBA. “I think she’s underrated. Top 5 all-time, I mean c’mon. That’s unheard of,” Thomas remarked, highlighting the extraordinary nature of Bonner’s accomplishment.

Thomas also expressed her awe at Bonner’s ability to maintain such a high level of play at the age of 36. “At her age, she’s incredible. We go off of her, and she makes it look easy out there,” Thomas continued. This admiration and respect underscore the profound impact Bonner has on her teammates and the league.

Thomas’s comments reflect not just the professional admiration for Bonner’s skills and achievements but also the personal pride and joy in witnessing her partner’s success. This blend of professional respect and personal connection makes their partnership on and off the court uniquely powerful and inspiring.

In summary, the game was a showcase of the Connecticut Sun’s talent, teamwork, and strategic prowess. Bonner’s milestone, Thomas’s triple-double, and the contributions from other key players like Carrington, Harris, and Banham illustrated the depth and strength of the team. Meanwhile, the Sun’s defensive strategy against a talented opponent like Clark demonstrated their ability to disrupt and dominate. All these elements combined to make the opening night a resounding success for the Sun, setting the tone for what promises to be an exciting season.

Alyssa Thomas’s Comments on BonnerDescribed DeWanna Bonner as underrated despite being top 5 all-time in WNBA scoring. Expressed awe at Bonner’s performance at age 36.
Professional and Personal ConnectionThomas’s professional respect and personal pride in Bonner’s success showcase their powerful partnership on and off the court.
Game SummaryThe Connecticut Sun demonstrated talent, teamwork, and strategic prowess. Bonner’s milestone, Thomas’s triple-double, and contributions from Carrington, Harris, and Banham were key.
Defensive StrategyThe Sun’s defense disrupted Caitlin Clark’s performance, showcasing their strategic planning and execution.
Season OutlookThe successful opening night set a promising tone for the Connecticut Sun’s season.

DeWanna Bonner and Alyssa Thomas’s Relationship on X and Video Youtube

The relationship between DeWanna Bonner and Alyssa Thomas is not just a partnership on the basketball court but a deep personal bond that has captured the attention and admiration of the WNBA community. The couple announced their relationship to the public in February 2021, marking a significant moment in their lives and the broader sports world. Their engagement in July of the same year further solidified their commitment to each other, though they have yet to set a date for their wedding.

How Alyssa Thomas surprised DeWanna Bonner with a proposal in Vegas is posted on YouTube:

Before her relationship with Thomas, Bonner was married to Candice Dupree, another prominent WNBA player. Their union was a high-profile one within the sports community, with both athletes excelling on the court. They were teammates at the Phoenix Mercury and shared many professional highs together. The couple married in November 2014 and welcomed twins in July 2017. However, their relationship ended in divorce, a personal change that coincided with significant professional shifts. Bonner’s trade to the Connecticut Sun in 2020 marked not just a change in teams but the beginning of a career resurgence, including two All-Star selections in 2021 and 2023.

Alyssa Thomas and DeWanna Bonner’s engagement was reported on X:

Best. News. Ever.

Alyssa Thomas and DeWanna Bonner are ENGAGED 💍 ❤️

— Connecticut Sun (@ConnecticutSun) July 21, 2023

In contrast to her previous marriage, Bonner has taken a more reserved approach to her relationship with Thomas. She expressed a desire to enjoy the early stages of their relationship privately, away from the public eye and media scrutiny. “My first relationship was so public. I just wanted to enjoy my relationship with her for a little bit before we let the world know and everybody formed their opinion,” Bonner stated in an interview with SELF. This approach reflects a mature and cautious perspective, shaped by her previous experiences.

The start of Bonner and Thomas’s relationship has a touch of serendipity. Bonner made the first move by sliding into Thomas’s DMs while still playing for the Phoenix Mercury. The trade that brought Bonner to the Connecticut Sun seemed like fate, allowing their relationship to blossom away from the pressures of their professional lives. Their connection grew quickly, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Public AnnouncementBonner and Thomas announced their relationship in February 2021 and got engaged in July 2021.
Bonner’s Previous RelationshipMarried to Candice Dupree in November 2014, had twins in July 2017, and later divorced.
Professional ChangesBonner’s trade to the Connecticut Sun in 2020 marked a career resurgence with two All-Star selections in 2021 and 2023.
Privacy in New RelationshipBonner initially kept her relationship with Thomas private to enjoy it away from public scrutiny.
Serendipitous BeginningsBonner slid into Thomas’s DMs while still with the Phoenix Mercury. Bonner’s trade to the Sun seemed like fate, allowing their relationship to grow.

DeWanna Bonner’s ascent into the top five of the WNBA’s all-time scoring list is not just a professional milestone; it’s a reflection of her resilience, talent, and the support she has received from Alyssa Thomas. This achievement holds immense significance in the context of her career, especially following the personal and professional upheavals she has experienced. Surpassing her ex-wife Candice Dupree adds an additional layer of complexity and emotion to this milestone.

For the Connecticut Sun, the relationship between Bonner and Thomas is more than just a personal story; it’s a cornerstone of their team dynamics and success. Their chemistry on the court is palpable, and their mutual support off the court fosters a positive and cohesive team environment. This season, their partnership will be crucial in guiding the Sun towards potential championships, leveraging their combined experience, skill, and leadership.

In sum, Bonner and Thomas’s relationship is a powerful narrative of love, resilience, and basketball excellence. Their journey together, coupled with Bonner’s recent achievement, underscores the intertwining of their personal and professional lives, shaping not just their futures but also the destiny of the Connecticut Sun. As they continue to support each other in their quests for personal growth and professional success, the impact of their partnership will undoubtedly resonate throughout the WNBA.

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