Ari Emanuel House Lists Brentwood Estate for $25.9 Million

Ari Emanuel, a titan of the entertainment industry and a defining figure in Hollywood agency, is putting his luxurious Brentwood home, often referred to as the Ari Emanuel House, on the market for a staggering $25.9 million. Known for his formidable presence in the world of celebrity representation, Emanuel has not only made a name for himself as a superagent but also as a pivotal player in larger business ventures, most notably as the CEO of Endeavor. This company, which he helped to found, is a powerhouse in entertainment, managing a vast array of talent across various sectors, including sports, events, and fashion, along with traditional Hollywood talent.

The home in question, a sprawling estate that reflects Emanuel’s status and taste, has been part of his life since 2005 when it was purchased for $9.85 million. Its listing now, at nearly three times that amount, underscores the value added over the years through various enhancements and the general appreciation of real estate in the highly coveted Brentwood area. This sale comes at a time when Emanuel continues to expand his real estate portfolio, having recently acquired a Beverly Hills estate for $27.5 million, indicating his deepening investment in prime California real estate.

As a superagent, Emanuel’s influence stretches far beyond the negotiating tables of Hollywood’s elite studios. He is often credited as the inspiration for the character Ari Gold from the HBO series “Entourage,” a portrayal that, while dramatized, captures the essence of his dynamic career and brash negotiation style. As Emanuel prepares to part with this significant piece of his history, the sale represents not just a transaction but a moment of transition for one of Hollywood’s most influential figures.

Ari Emanuel’s ProfileTitan of the entertainment industry, CEO of Endeavor, known for celebrity representation across various sectors.
Brentwood HomeLuxurious home in Brentwood, purchased in 2005 for $9.85 million, now on the market for $25.9 million.
Real Estate InvestmentsRecently acquired a Beverly Hills estate for $27.5 million, indicating an expansion of his real estate portfolio.
Cultural ImpactInspiration for Ari Gold from HBO’s “Entourage,” reflecting his dynamic career and negotiation style.


The Property on Sale

Location and History Nestled in the prestigious Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, the residence of Ari Emanuel stands as a testament to luxury and exclusivity. Brentwood is renowned for its affluence, tranquil streets, lush greenery, and proximity to other upscale locales like Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. This area is a magnet for celebrities and business tycoons seeking privacy and opulence. Emanuel’s home, a beacon of high-end real estate, was acquired in 2005 for $9.85 million, a purchase reflecting both his rising influence and the area’s escalating prestige.

Details of the Residence Constructed in 1987, Emanuel’s estate spans 6,859 square feet, accommodating six bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms. Each space within the residence is meticulously designed to serve both the necessities and luxuries of high-profile living. The architectural layout promotes entertainment and comfort, making it ideal for both intimate family life and grand-scale gatherings. The inclusion of expansive living areas and specialized entertainment rooms speaks to a lifestyle where hosting and social interaction are key.

Additional Features The property features a stately main house along with a two-story, 2,500-square-foot guesthouse, offering ample space for guests and events. The main house boasts a large kitchen equipped with granite countertops, bar seating, and a breakfast nook, blending functionality with high-end design. The family room, cozy and elegantly appointed, features a fireplace and window bench, creating a warm, inviting environment. The property also includes a wood-paneled media room with dual flat-screen TVs and a plush, blue velvet home theater, designed for the ultimate cinematic experience at home. The grandeur extends to a massive gym, tailored for personal fitness and wellness.

LocationBrentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles; known for affluence, tranquility, and proximity to Santa Monica and Beverly Hills.
HistoryPurchased in 2005 for $9.85 million, reflecting Emanuel’s influence and the area’s increasing prestige.
Size and Layout6,859 square feet; features six bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms, designed for entertainment and comfort.
Main House FeaturesIncludes a large kitchen with granite countertops, a family room with a fireplace, and a wood-paneled media room with dual flat-screen TVs.
Additional Facilities2,500-square-foot guesthouse, blue velvet home theater, and a massive gym.

Design and Luxurious Amenities

Interior Highlights Upon entering the home, visitors are greeted by a spacious foyer that opens to a gracefully curved staircase, setting a tone of sophisticated elegance. The main level is characterized by an open floor plan that includes multiple gathering areas, facilitating seamless flow during social events. The interior design is a blend of classic and contemporary styles, with high ceilings and large windows that imbue the space with natural light and airiness.

Special rooms enhance the living experience; the media room provides a tech-savvy retreat while the home theater, adorned in luxurious blue velvet, offers an escape into the world of film. These areas are not just functional but are also crafted to impress and offer comfort.

Exterior and Outdoor Living The outdoor living spaces are as meticulously designed as the interior. A terrace extends off the living area, featuring a fire pit and views of the lush, manicured gardens—perfect for evening gatherings. Steps lead down from the terrace to a verdant lawn, a spacious pool, and a relaxing spa area, forming an oasis of leisure and entertainment. Surrounding the pool is a patio equipped with a barbecue setup, an outdoor fireplace, and ample seating for dining and lounging, ideal for hosting summer parties. Additionally, the estate includes a sports court, offering a private venue for physical activity and sports.

Each aspect of Emanuel’s Brentwood home has been crafted with attention to detail, luxury, and functionality, making it not just a residence but a statement of lifestyle and success. As this property enters the market, it promises to attract those who appreciate its blend of opulent design, extensive amenities, and a coveted location in one of Los Angeles’ most exclusive neighborhoods.

Interior EntrySpacious foyer with a gracefully curved staircase, evoking sophisticated elegance.
Main LevelCharacterized by an open floor plan with multiple gathering areas, high ceilings, and large windows that enhance the space with natural light.
Special RoomsMedia room for a tech-savvy retreat and a home theater adorned in luxurious blue velvet for cinematic experiences.
Exterior and Outdoor LivingFeatures a terrace with a fire pit, lush gardens, a lawn, a spacious pool, a relaxing spa, and a sports court. Includes a patio with a barbecue setup, an outdoor fireplace, and seating for dining and lounging.

Ari Emanuel’s Real Estate Ventures

Current and Past Properties Ari Emanuel’s real estate portfolio is as expansive and dynamic as his career in the entertainment industry. In a recent high-profile acquisition, Emanuel purchased a Beverly Hills estate for a jaw-dropping $27.5 million. This property, characterized by its grandeur and luxury, underscores his taste for exclusive living spaces and his ability to capitalize on prime real estate opportunities. Additionally, Emanuel has invested in the celebrity enclave of Mandeville Canyon, where he acquired two properties—a contemporary estate in 2015 for $16.5 million and the neighboring home for $11.5 million. Although he had plans to possibly combine these properties, they were sold separately last year, showcasing his strategic flexibility in managing his investments according to market conditions.

Connection to Hollywood Lifestyle The properties owned by Emanuel are more than just homes; they are a reflection of his stature and lifestyle in the high stakes world of Hollywood. His real estate choices often mirror his bold and decisive nature as a superagent. Emanuel’s influence in Hollywood is so notable that it inspired the character Ari Gold in the HBO series “Entourage”—a driven, savvy, and sometimes ruthless talent agent. This portrayal, while dramatized, captures the essence of a high-powered Hollywood executive whose home is an extension of their personal brand—luxurious, strategically located, and a statement of success.

Recent AcquisitionPurchased a Beverly Hills estate for $27.5 million, characterized by grandeur and luxury, reflecting exclusive living spaces.
Mandeville Canyon InvestmentsAcquired two properties in Mandeville Canyon: a contemporary estate in 2015 for $16.5 million and a neighboring home for $11.5 million. Sold separately last year, demonstrating strategic investment management.
Hollywood ConnectionThe properties mirror Emanuel’s bold and decisive nature as a superagent in Hollywood, inspiring the character Ari Gold in “Entourage.”

Market Implications

Real Estate Market Analysis The sale of Emanuel’s Brentwood home at $25.9 million is not just a transaction but a significant event in the Brentwood real estate market. This listing price sets a benchmark for luxury homes in the area, reflecting both the high demand for premium properties and the continued appreciation of real estate in Los Angeles’ most desirable neighborhoods. Properties in Brentwood, especially those with historical significance or celebrity ownership, often attract attention that can drive local market trends. Emanuel’s success in selling his home could potentially elevate property values in the area, influencing future listings and sales.

Comparison to Other Celebrity Homes Emanuel’s listing price compares to other celebrity homes in Brentwood and nearby upscale neighborhoods, which often list and sell for tens of millions of dollars. Celebrities like LeBron James and Jennifer Lawrence have purchased homes in these areas for similar and even higher amounts, indicating a robust market for luxury estates. The celebrity association often adds a premium to these properties, as buyers appreciate the cachet that comes with owning a home previously inhabited by a public figure.

Agent and Listing Details The sale of Emanuel’s property is managed by Judy Feder of Hilton & Hyland, a real estate firm known for handling high-profile transactions in Los Angeles. Feder’s expertise in luxury properties and her deep understanding of the market dynamics in Brentwood and surrounding areas make her exceptionally suited to manage this sale. Her role involves not just listing the property but also strategically marketing it to potential buyers who value the exclusivity and luxury that Emanuel’s home offers.

Overall, Ari Emanuel’s engagement with the real estate market is deeply intertwined with his professional life in entertainment, reflecting his acumen as both a business mogul and a celebrity figure. His properties are more than assets; they are a part of the narrative of a Hollywood powerhouse navigating the intersections of media, entertainment, and high-end real estate.

Market ImpactThe $25.9 million listing of Emanuel’s Brentwood home sets a benchmark for luxury properties, reflecting high demand and the ongoing appreciation of real estate in Los Angeles’ premium neighborhoods.
Celebrity Home ComparisonsEmanuel’s listing price is comparable to other celebrity homes in Brentwood and nearby areas. Celebrities like LeBron James and Jennifer Lawrence have purchased homes for similar or higher amounts, demonstrating a strong market for luxury estates.
Agent DetailsThe sale is managed by Judy Feder of Hilton & Hyland, known for her expertise in luxury properties and market dynamics in Brentwood. Her strategic marketing targets buyers seeking exclusivity and luxury.

Ari Emanuel’s decision to list his Brentwood estate for $25.9 million is not just a real estate transaction but a statement reflecting the opulent lifestyles and dynamic careers of Hollywood’s elite. This property, with its extensive square footage, luxurious amenities, and prime location, encapsulates the grandeur and ambition that define Emanuel’s life both as a superagent and as a CEO in the entertainment industry. The home’s market debut highlights several critical aspects of celebrity and luxury real estate markets, as well as Emanuel’s own journey in the landscape of Hollywood power players.


The Brentwood home itself, boasting 6,859 square feet, six bedrooms, and 6.5 bathrooms, is a masterpiece of residential design tailored for entertainment and luxury living. Its additional features, such as a two-story guesthouse, state-of-the-art media room, and opulent home theater, further enhance its appeal, offering a glimpse into the lifestyle that high-profile figures like Emanuel enjoy. These amenities are not merely luxuries; they serve as functional spaces that support both the personal and professional facets of Emanuel’s life, facilitating networking and entertainment right at home.

Emanuel’s real estate ventures, including his recent purchase in Beverly Hills and past investments in Mandeville Canyon, underscore his strategic approach to property ownership. These properties do more than provide shelter; they are critical components of Emanuel’s brand, embodying his status, success, and style. His properties are selected and designed to make statements, sustain his lifestyle, and reflect his persona in the public eye. The evolution of his real estate portfolio mirrors his career trajectory—from ambitious agent to media mogul—demonstrating how each property purchase or sale marks milestones in his life narrative.

The sale of this Brentwood estate also speaks volumes about the broader implications for the real estate market in such coveted areas. The listing price at nearly three times its previous purchase price is indicative of the substantial appreciation in real estate values in Los Angeles’ luxury segments, driven by both market dynamics and the allure of celebrity ownership. Emanuel’s ability to capitalize on this trend is testament to his savvy as a businessman and his deep understanding of market forces.

Moreover, the handling of the property sale by Judy Feder of Hilton & Hyland, renowned for their expertise in high-end real estate, ensures that the transaction not only targets the wealthiest clientele but also strategically markets the unique aspects of Emanuel’s home. This highlights the specialized nature of celebrity real estate transactions, where the property’s features, its owner’s fame, and the exclusive market specifics converge to set benchmark prices and expectations in the industry.

Reflecting on what this sale indicates about the lifestyle and status of high-profile figures like Emanuel, it’s clear that such properties are more than mere residences; they are symbols of success and platforms for further personal and professional development. Emanuel’s home is a testament to his life’s work, a physical space that complements and enhances his larger-than-life persona in the entertainment industry. The sale of his Brentwood home is thus not only a change in residence but a shift in his personal and professional landscape, signaling perhaps new beginnings or a new chapter in his storied career.

In sum, Ari Emanuel’s move to sell his iconic Brentwood estate provides a rich insight into the interconnected worlds of celebrity lifestyle, real estate investment, and personal branding. As such, it serves as a compelling case study of how real estate is intertwined with the identities and legacies of those in the highest echelons of the entertainment industry.

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