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Chris Appleton, a renowned celebrity hairstylist, has recently been the focus of widespread media attention not just for his magical touch with scissors and hair dye, but for the developments in his personal life, particularly his relationships and marriage, including details about Chris Appleton ex-wife. Known for styling some of the most famous heads in entertainment, Appleton has transformed the looks of high-profile clients, ensuring that his creations often go viral and set new trends in the world of fashion and beauty.

However, beyond his professional achievements, Chris Appleton’s personal life has captured public interest, marked by his heartfelt journey of self-discovery and candid revelations about his sexuality. Before openly embracing his identity as a gay man, Appleton experienced a significant relationship with Katie Katon, with whom he shares two adult children, Kitty-blu and Billy. This phase of his life, although filled with personal challenges, shaped much of his early adult experiences and has had a lasting impact on his perspectives on love and relationships.

In a turn of events that melded the glamor of celebrity with personal milestones, Appleton’s marriage to actor Lukas Gage was a brief but highly publicized affair. The couple, who celebrated their union in a star-studded ceremony with figures like Kim Kardashian officiating and Shania Twain performing, made headlines in April only to announce their decision to divorce a few months later due to irreconcilable differences. This development added another layer to Appleton’s public persona, showcasing the complexities and pressures that come with maintaining personal relationships under the constant scrutiny of the public eye.

As Chris Appleton continues to navigate the intricate balance between his public career and private life, his story offers a glimpse into the often tumultuous yet hopeful journey of a public figure striving to find genuine happiness while living in the spotlight.

Professional AchievementsRenowned celebrity hairstylist known for styling famous heads in entertainment, setting trends in fashion and beauty.
Personal LifeHeartfelt journey of self-discovery, candid revelations about his sexuality, significant past relationship with Katie Katon, father to Kitty-blu and Billy.
Marriage and DivorceBrief marriage to actor Lukas Gage, celebrity-filled wedding ceremony, divorce due to irreconcilable differences.
Public Persona and ChallengesComplexities and pressures of maintaining personal relationships under public scrutiny.


Early Relationships

Relationship with Katie Katon

Before Chris Appleton publicly embraced his identity as a gay man, he shared a significant chapter of his life with Katie Katon. Their relationship was marked by the birth of their two children, Kitty-blu in November 2005 and Billy in December 2003, laying the foundations of a family shaped under conventional appearances. Throughout their time together, Appleton’s struggles with his sexual identity remained a deeply private affair, which later influenced not only his personal decisions but also his public persona.


In an interview with the New York Times, Katie Katon opened up about the complexities of being involved with someone who was concealing their true self. She spoke poignantly about the internal conflict and pain Appleton endured during those years. “Hiding who you are for so many years causes a lot of pain inside, wouldn’t it?” she reflected. Her insight into their private life highlighted the emotional toll that secrecy took on Appleton, impacting their relationship and his well-being.

The Impact of Concealing His Identity

The act of concealing his sexual orientation presented numerous emotional challenges for Chris Appleton. Living a life that was inconsistent with his true identity led to a profound internal struggle, one that he attempted to counterbalance through his professional endeavors. This period was characterized by an intense focus on excelling in his career as a hairstylist, where he found both an escape and a platform to express his creativity. However, the suppression of his identity inevitably seeped into his relationships, affecting not only his partnership with Katie but also his role as a father, as he navigated the complexities of personal authenticity versus societal expectations.

Relationship with Katie KatonSignificant relationship with Katie Katon before embracing his identity as a gay man; parents to Kitty-blu and Billy. Their relationship was impacted by Chris’s private struggles with his sexual identity.
Katie Katon’s InsightsIn an interview with the New York Times, Katie discussed the emotional toll of Chris concealing his identity, highlighting the internal conflict and pain he endured.
Impact of Concealing IdentityConcealing his sexual orientation caused Chris internal struggle and pain. This affected his personal life and relationships, while he sought solace and expression in his professional work as a hairstylist.
Professional Life as an OutletUsed his career to counterbalance the emotional challenges of hiding his true self, finding both an escape and a means to express his creativity.

Marriage to Lukas Gage

The Wedding

Chris Appleton’s marriage to actor Lukas Gage was a vibrant and highly publicized event, reflecting both their status as public figures and the celebratory acknowledgment of Appleton’s journey to living openly. The ceremony took place on April 26, with none other than Kim Kardashian, one of Appleton’s star clients, officiating the wedding. The event was embellished with a performance by Shania Twain, adding a layer of celebrity sparkle to the festivities. The couple shared moments from their special day on Instagram, capturing the joy and the high spirits of the occasion. Appleton expressed his elation with a simple yet poignant caption, “We did it,” accompanied by a ring emoji, while Gage highlighted the symbolic importance of their union in his post, “Ring finger where the rock is.”

The Divorce

Despite the initial bliss, the marriage between Chris Appleton and Lukas Gage was short-lived, spanning only about six months. Appleton filed for divorce on November 12, as documented in the Los Angeles court records, citing irreconcilable differences, with the separation officially noted as of November 10. The legal proceedings were straightforward, reflecting a pre-agreed understanding between the two. According to documents obtained by, there was no request for spousal support, underscoring a mutual agreement that was solidified in a post-nuptial contract signed on May 3. This agreement stipulated that both individuals would retain their respective assets and liabilities as they were prior to the marriage, facilitating a clear division that likely aimed to preserve their individual financial independence post-divorce.


This chapter in Chris Appleton’s life not only underscores the personal ramifications of public relationships but also reflects the complexities of managing private truths in the glare of public scrutiny. Each relationship and event along his journey has been a testament to his evolving understanding of love, identity, and the pursuit of happiness in the challenging terrain of celebrity culture.

The WeddingMarriage to Lukas Gage officiated by Kim Kardashian on April 26. Celebrated with a performance by Shania Twain. Both shared their joy on Instagram with heartwarming captions and images, reflecting their happiness and the symbolic significance of their union.
The DivorceShort-lived marriage, lasting about six months. Divorce filed on November 12, citing irreconcilable differences, with separation officially noted as of November 10. No spousal support requested; a post-nuptial agreement signed on May 3 facilitated an equitable division of assets and liabilities.
Public Impact and Personal ReflectionThe events highlight the challenges of managing private truths under public scrutiny and reflect on the personal and public ramifications of Appleton’s relationships and his journey of identity and happiness within celebrity culture.

Public Life and Relationships

Public Confirmations

The public confirmation of Chris Appleton’s relationship with Lukas Gage was a testament to the pair’s readiness to share their happiness with the world. Their relationship, which blossomed into public view, was first officially acknowledged on “The Drew Barrymore Show” where Appleton expressed his contentment and love. “Listen, I’m very happy, very much in love,” he remarked, a sentiment that resonated deeply with his audience. His appearance on the show not only marked a significant step in his personal life but also served as a moment of openness about his romantic life.


Similarly, Lukas Gage shared his feelings during an interview on TODAY, where he echoed Appleton’s sentiments. “I feel very happy, very lucky and very much in love,” Gage declared. Their shared public statements not only solidified their relationship in the eyes of their fans and the media but also highlighted their mutual joy and commitment to each other.

Media and Public Engagement on Instagram

Throughout their relationship, Chris Appleton and Lukas Gage actively engaged with the public and media, often sharing insights into their lives through social media and public appearances. Their willingness to share snapshots of their experiences, from romantic getaways to everyday moments, allowed fans a glimpse into their world. This openness extended beyond mere appearances as they participated in events, interviews, and shared meaningful interactions online, which showcased not just a celebrity relationship but a partnership filled with affection and mutual respect.

The media coverage of their activities often highlighted their adventures and outings, portraying a couple not only in love but also enjoying their journey together. From candid photos to heartfelt posts, each interaction with the public was a brushstroke in the larger picture of their relationship, painted in the vivid hues of public and media engagement.

Public ConfirmationsChris Appleton confirmed his relationship with Lukas Gage on “The Drew Barrymore Show,” expressing happiness and love. Lukas Gage also confirmed similar feelings in an interview on TODAY, highlighting their mutual joy and love.
Media and Public EngagementThe couple actively engaged with the public through social media and public appearances, sharing personal moments and participating in interviews and events. This openness allowed fans insights into their romantic life, showcasing a partnership filled with affection and respect.
Media CoverageMedia coverage emphasized their shared adventures and outings, often portraying their relationship through candid photos and heartfelt posts. This engagement with the public and media painted a vivid picture of their life together, enjoyed and celebrated in the public eye.

Chris Appleton’s journey through his personal struggles and romantic relationships has been both complex and illuminating. From navigating the challenges of concealing his sexuality to embracing his true self and sharing his life with significant others, Appleton’s experiences reflect the intricacies of living as a public figure. His relationships, particularly with Katie Katon and later with Lukas Gage, have been played out in the public eye, offering a unique insight into the pressures and joys of celebrity relationships.

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These public relationships underscore the broader challenges faced by public figures in balancing personal privacy with public expectations. The constant scrutiny, while often providing a platform for visibility and support, also imposes a significant burden, where personal milestones are subjected to public opinion and interpretation. Appleton’s story is a poignant reminder of the resilience required to navigate this public-private interface, where personal happiness must often be balanced against public persona.

As Chris Appleton moves forward, the future outlook for him in both his personal life and professional career remains promising. With a history of overcoming personal challenges and a proven track record of professional success, Appleton is likely to continue inspiring both his clients and fans. Whether styling the next big celebrity look or navigating the complexities of love and life, his journey will undoubtedly continue to captivate and influence those who follow his career and personal life.

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