Drizzy Potential Texan Mansions at Drake’s House in Houston

In the ever-evolving narrative of celebrity relocations, the latest buzz surrounds none other than Aubrey Drake Graham, better known as Drake, and his potential move to Houston, Texas. Known for his deep connections to various cities through his music and personal life, Drake’s hint at establishing roots in Houston has sparked excitement and speculation among fans and locals alike. The rumor mill went into overdrive following a recent concert at Houston’s Toyota Center, where the Grammy-winning artist made some intriguing comments about his residential plans, hinting at settling down at Drake’s house in Houston.

Addressing a packed crowd, Drake expressed his affection for Houston, a city that has often featured prominently in his lyrics and personal anecdotes. “I want to tell you something,” he said, his voice echoing through the arena. “I’m excited I get to share this with you. I had to make it official first. I’ve been looking for a long time, trying to figure out the right place for me to live—where I belong outside of Toronto. And I finally, finally, after all these years, found me a place in Houston, Texas!” This announcement was met with roaring applause and has since led to widespread discussion about what Drake’s move could mean for him and for the city known as the heart of the Lone Star State.

While it remains unclear whether Drake has already secured a property or is simply in the final stages of decision-making, his statement has certainly set the stage for significant media and public interest. As fans eagerly await further details, the potential of Drake calling Houston home adds an intriguing layer to his public persona and to the vibrant cultural tapestry of Houston.

CelebrityAubrey Drake Graham, known as Drake
Potential RelocationDrake considering moving to Houston, Texas
Event Triggering RumorsComments made during a concert at Houston’s Toyota Center
Drake’s Connection to HoustonCity features prominently in his lyrics and personal stories
Announcement ImpactSparked excitement and speculation among fans and locals
Current StatusUnclear if property is secured; significant media and public interest
Potential Impact on HoustonAdds to the cultural tapestry of the city


Drake’s Real Estate Portfolio

Drake’s grandeur is not just limited to his music but extends profoundly into his lifestyle, especially evident through his lavish residence in Toronto, Canada. Known as “The Embassy,” this mansion is less of a home and more of a palace designed for a modern-day king. Sprawling over 50,000 square feet, the property is a stunning showcase of luxury and architectural magnificence, completed just a few years ago and has since been featured in Architectural Digest for its opulent design and cutting-edge amenities.

The mansion’s design integrates an array of exquisite materials such as bronze, marble, limestone, and exotic woods, along with a generous use of gold, reflecting Drake’s luxurious style. The residence boasts an array of standout features including an NBA regulation-size indoor basketball court, a massive great room with ceilings reaching up to 44 feet, and a chandelier composed of 20,000 pieces of hand-cut Swarovski crystal. Additionally, the home includes a state-of-the-art recording studio, an awards room, a hall of sports jerseys, and an extravagant indoor pool, making it a pinnacle of luxury and a true rapper’s delight.

Before his Toronto mansion was completed, Drake was the proud owner of a sprawling estate in the exclusive enclave of Hidden Hills, California. Known as the YOLO Estate, this property was a testament to his early success and extravagant lifestyle. The compound consisted of three homes, with the centerpiece being a 12,500-square-foot English Tudor mansion on a 3-acre lot, which he acquired in 2012 for $12 million.

The estate featured a vast array of luxury amenities including a massive swimming pool with a spa grotto, a 25-seat theater, a game room, a massage room, and a wine cellar. In early 2022, Drake put the YOLO Estate on the market, asking $22.2 million for all three properties. They could be bought together or separately, with the Tudor mansion selling for $12 million and the other two homes being sold to Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford for $11 million.

Continuing his trend of investing in high-value properties, Drake’s next major real estate acquisition was a sumptuous, Tuscan-inspired estate in Beverly Hills, previously owned by music star Robbie Williams. Purchased for a staggering $75 million, this 24,260-square-foot residence sits on a 20-acre lot close to the Beverly Hills Hotel and is among the largest residential properties in the area.

This palatial estate boasts 10 bedrooms and 22 bathrooms, along with multiple luxurious structures. The amenities are as lavish as one might expect, including expansive living spaces and elaborate decor. However, despite its grandeur, Drake listed this property for sale after a little more than a year, with an asking price of $88 million, suggesting a potential strategic flip or a change in preference, possibly hinting at his growing affinity for Houston.

PropertyLocationSize and FeaturesAdditional Details
The EmbassyToronto, Canada50,000 sq ft, includes an NBA indoor court, great room with 44 ft ceilings, Swarovski crystal chandelier, recording studio, awards room, sports jerseys hall, indoor pool.Featured in Architectural Digest, symbol of luxury.
YOLO EstateHidden Hills, California12,500 sq ft English Tudor mansion on 3-acre lot, swimming pool with spa, 25-seat theater, game room, massage room, wine cellar.Acquired in 2012 for $12 million, sold in 2022 for $22.2 million.
Tuscan-inspired EstateBeverly Hills24,260 sq ft on 20-acre lot, 10 bedrooms, 22 bathrooms, expansive living spaces.Previously owned by Robbie Williams, bought for $75 million, listed for sale at $88 million after a year.

Drake’s Connection to Houston

Drake’s connection to Houston is more than just real estate speculation; it is rooted in his personal and professional history. Often referring to Houston as his “second home,” Drake has continually expressed his fondness for the city, largely due to the significant milestones he has achieved there. It was in Houston that he performed at his first sold-out shows, a pivotal moment in his early career that he commemorates annually with “Houston Appreciation Weekend.”

Beyond professional ties, Houston represents a place of emotional significance for Drake. The city’s vibrant music scene and its warm reception of him early in his career have fostered a deep connection that has persisted over the years. This relationship might explain why Houston appeals to him more than other cities. Its welcoming atmosphere, combined with a less saturated celebrity presence compared to places like Los Angeles or New York, offers Drake a unique blend of privacy and community engagement.

Additionally, Houston’s relatively lower cost of luxury real estate compared to California’s market could be a practical allure for someone like Drake, who is known for his astute business acumen. This mix of personal attachment and pragmatic considerations makes Houston a top contender for Drake’s new residential locale.

Professional MilestonesFirst sold-out shows in Houston; commemorates with “Houston Appreciation Weekend.”
Emotional SignificanceHouston is considered a “second home,” significant for early career support and its vibrant music scene.
City AtmosphereOffers a blend of privacy and community engagement; less saturated celebrity presence than LA or NY.
Real Estate ConsiderationsLower cost of luxury real estate compared to California, appealing to Drake’s business acumen.

Drake-worthy Candidates in Houston

Among the potential new homes for Drake in Houston, 3217 Del Monte Dr stands out with its striking modern Tudor design. Priced at $13,500,000, this brand-new mansion boasts 12,219 square feet of luxurious living space, completed just in March. It’s nestled in the secure and private Country Club Estates, offering not just exclusivity but also modern opulence.

The mansion features six bedrooms and twelve bathrooms, embodying a perfect blend of traditional Tudor architecture with modern, cleaner lines and airy spaces. The grand two-story entry, a library, and a steel-and-glass wine room are just the beginning of its many splendors. A bar with a tasting room, a catering kitchen alongside a spacious family kitchen, and a game room equipped with a golf simulator make it an entertainer’s dream. The property also includes lush, half-acre grounds with a heated pool and spa, a loggia with a summer kitchen, and perfectly manicured English gardens, providing an ideal retreat for someone of Drake’s stature.

The Museum Quality Estate located in the prestigious River Oaks area is another exceptional candidate. With a price tag of $13,995,000, this 22,880-square-foot property is a testament to luxury and spacious living. It features ten bedrooms and fifteen bathrooms spread across a 3-acre gated property with bayou frontage.

Built in 1986, the estate boasts generous room sizes and many resort-style amenities, including a fitness center, a lavish kitchen with double high-end appliances, and a pool and spa with a chic waterfall and spacious cabana. Architectural highlights include a golden staircase, a massive crystal chandelier in the entryway, and extensive use of high-quality materials throughout, making it a potential project for Drake, who might choose to modernize its interiors while retaining its standout features.

Perhaps the most fitting for Drake’s artistic sensibilities is the Architectural Marvel on the Bayou, priced at $15,500,000. Inspired by the works of I.M. Pei, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, this property merges historical architectural genius with contemporary design. The house is built with natural materials such as granite, slate, and rift-sawn oak, featuring eight bedrooms and fourteen bathrooms over a sprawling 5-acre lot.

The main house is distinguished by its high, modern, coffered ceilings and several indoor reflecting ponds, with rooms illuminated by floor-to-ceiling windows, wood-framed, folding glass doors, and architectural skylights. The luxe spaces include a kitchen fit for a chef, an indoor pool pavilion, and a primary suite with a two-story sleeping gazebo, making it move-in ready for someone of Drake’s lifestyle and tastes.

PropertyLocationPriceSize and Key Features
Modern Tudor Mansion3217 Del Monte Dr, Country Club Estates$13,500,00012,219 sq ft, 6 beds, 12 baths, grand entry, library, steel-and-glass wine room, bar with tasting room, two kitchens, golf simulator game room, heated pool and spa, English gardens.
Museum Quality EstateRiver Oaks$13,995,00022,880 sq ft, 10 beds, 15 baths, 3-acre gated lot, fitness center, high-end appliances, pool and spa with waterfall, cabana, golden staircase, crystal chandelier.
Architectural Marvel on the BayouBayou area$15,500,0005-acre lot, 8 beds, 14 baths, design inspired by I.M. Pei, Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies van der Rohe, natural materials, modern ceilings, indoor reflecting ponds, chef’s kitchen, indoor pool pavilion, two-story sleeping gazebo.

Drake’s potential relocation to Houston represents a significant shift not just in his personal life but could also impact the local real estate market, drawing more attention to the luxury housing scene in the city. Each of these properties offers unique features that align with Drake’s known preferences for luxury, privacy, and architectural uniqueness.

The likelihood of Drake settling in Houston seems more plausible with each of these properties providing something special that aligns with his lifestyle and public persona. Whether he chooses the modern Tudor mansion, the expansive estate in River Oaks, or the architectural marvel on the bayou, Drake’s move could redefine celebrity influence in Houston’s luxury real estate market, potentially setting new trends and attracting further investments.

In sum, Drake’s move to Houston could symbolize a new chapter in his life, merging his established lavish lifestyle with the rich cultural tapestry and relaxed environment that Houston offers. Such a move would not only enhance his personal life but also possibly shift his artistic and business endeavors to new heights.

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