Meet Matt Cross Wife Continuing the Legacy of Community

Matt Cross steps into the role of Liberal Member for Davidson with the full backing of his predecessor, Jonathan O’Dea. Known for his strong commitment and dedication to the community, O’Dea has served Davidson with distinction, and now looks to Matt Cross to carry forward this legacy of service. Born and raised on Sydney’s upper north shore, Cross brings a deep connection to the region, amplified by his current residence in Lindfield with Matt Cross wife, Gessika. Matt Cross wife share a commitment to community service.

Matt’s educational and professional background equips him uniquely for this role. An alumnus of St Leo’s Catholic College in Wahroonga, he further honed his expertise with a Master of Public Administration from the prestigious Harvard Kennedy School. His diverse career includes significant positions with former NSW Premiers, various not-for-profit organizations, and leading roles in corporate sectors at institutions like The George Institute for Global Health and KPMG Australia.

His candidacy is not just a continuation of Jonathan O’Dea’s work; it’s a promise of renewed vigor and a focused agenda on pressing local and state issues. Matt Cross is set to leverage his rich tapestry of experiences to enhance policy-making and advocate for robust community-driven initiatives. As Davidson’s new voice in the NSW Parliament, he is determined to address the unique challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, ensuring that the community’s character and environment are preserved for future generations. With Jonathan O’Dea’s endorsement, Matt is poised to provide continuity, yet with a fresh perspective, to the political landscape of Davidson.

PersonRoleBackgroundKey Points
Matt CrossLiberal Member for DavidsonBorn and raised in Sydney’s upper north shore. Alumnus of St Leo’s Catholic College and Harvard Kennedy School. Former positions with NSW Premiers, not-for-profits, The George Institute for Global Health, and KPMG Australia.New voice in NSW Parliament, continuing Jonathan O’Dea’s legacy with a focus on local and state issues. Aims to preserve community character and environment.
Jonathan O’DeaFormer Liberal Member for DavidsonServed Davidson with distinction.Endorses Matt Cross, expects him to carry forward his legacy of service.


Background and Personal Life

Matt Cross’s story begins in the tranquil suburbs of Sydney’s upper north shore, an area known for its tight-knit communities and scenic beauty. Raised in this serene environment, Matt developed a profound appreciation for community values and local traditions from a young age. His early years were marked by active participation in community events and a growing interest in public service, influenced by the vibrant civic life of his neighborhood.

For his education, Matt attended St Leo’s Catholic College in Wahroonga, a well-regarded institution known for its commitment to fostering leadership and academic excellence among its students. During his time at St Leo’s, Matt was deeply involved in various extracurricular activities that honed his leadership skills and nurtured his passion for public service. The school’s emphasis on social justice and community service resonated with Matt, shaping his future aspirations.

Today, Matt resides in Lindfield with his wife, Gessika. They enjoy a community-oriented lifestyle, embodying the values that both have cherished throughout their lives. Lindfield, with its blend of natural beauty and suburban convenience, offers the ideal backdrop for their lives as they focus on family and community involvement. Their home is a hub of activity, often hosting gatherings that strengthen their ties with neighbors and local community members.

Early LifeGrew up in Sydney’s upper north shore, known for tight-knit communities and scenic beauty. Developed a deep appreciation for community values and participated actively in community events from a young age.
EducationAttended St Leo’s Catholic College in Wahroonga, involved in extracurricular activities that honed leadership skills. Influenced by the school’s emphasis on social justice and community service.
Current LifeResides in Lindfield with wife, Gessika. They lead a community-oriented lifestyle, often hosting gatherings to strengthen ties with neighbors and the local community.

Professional Experience and Education

Matt Cross’s academic journey took a significant leap forward when he pursued a Master of Public Administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School, one of the most prestigious institutions for governance and public policy studies. At Harvard, Matt was exposed to a global network of peers and mentors, broadening his perspective on public administration and policy-making. His studies focused on crafting effective public policies that foster community development and social welfare, aligning with his commitment to public service.

Professionally, Matt has amassed a wealth of experience that spans government, non-profit, and corporate sectors, making him uniquely qualified for his role in public office. His career began in the corridors of New South Wales’ government, where he served under former NSW Premiers. This role provided him with firsthand experience in the complexities of state governance and public policy execution, allowing him to develop a nuanced understanding of the challenges and opportunities in public administration.


In addition to his roles in government, Matt has been actively involved with several not-for-profit organizations. These positions underscored his commitment to social impact, particularly in areas like health, education, and community welfare. Working with non-profits allowed Matt to directly contribute to initiatives that made tangible improvements in people’s lives, aligning with his personal values and professional aspirations.

Matt’s corporate experience includes significant roles at The George Institute for Global Health and KPMG Australia. At The George Institute, he worked on global health initiatives that aimed to improve healthcare delivery systems and outcomes around the world, particularly in underserved communities. His tenure at KPMG further enriched his expertise, where he focused on consulting and strategy, helping organizations to enhance their impact and efficiency.

Together, these experiences have equipped Matt with a robust skill set and a deep understanding of both the public and private sectors. As he steps into his role as the Liberal Member for Davidson, he brings with him a rich background of service and leadership, ready to advocate for his community and implement policies that drive meaningful change.

EducationPursued a Master of Public Administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School. Gained exposure to a global network and broadened his perspective on public administration and policy-making.
Government ExperienceStarted his career in the NSW government, serving under former NSW Premiers. Gained firsthand experience in state governance and public policy execution.
Non-Profit InvolvementActively involved with several not-for-profit organizations, focusing on health, education, and community welfare. Contributed to initiatives improving people’s lives.
Corporate ExperienceHeld significant roles at The George Institute for Global Health and KPMG Australia. Worked on global health initiatives and consulted on strategy and organizational efficiency.
Current RoleLiberal Member for Davidson, bringing a rich background of service and leadership, ready to advocate for community and implement impactful policies.

Community Engagement and Advocacy

Matt Cross’s dedication to community service is evident through his active involvement and leadership within various local organizations. As a director at the St Ives Rotary Club, Matt has played a crucial role in steering community projects and fostering a spirit of service and cooperation among its members. The club, known for its commitment to local and international service projects, has benefited from Matt’s leadership in expanding its reach and impact, particularly in the areas of health, education, and community welfare.

In addition to his role at the Rotary Club, Matt has been deeply involved with Lifeline, an organization dedicated to providing crisis support and suicide prevention services. His work with Lifeline includes significant fundraising and awareness campaigns that aim to address the critical issue of mental health in the community. Matt has organized and participated in numerous events that not only raise funds but also promote mental health awareness, breaking down the stigmas associated with mental illness and encouraging open discussions about mental health care.

Matt’s commitment to community service extends to physically demanding challenges that raise both funds and awareness for various causes. He has completed multiple marathons, each serving as a platform to gather support and donations for charities. Perhaps most notably, he trekked the Kokoda Trail, a grueling endeavor that not only tested his physical limits but also highlighted his dedication to raising awareness for the causes he supports. These physical challenges exemplify Matt’s willingness to put himself on the line for the benefit of others, a trait that has earned him admiration and respect within the community.

St Ives Rotary ClubDirectorLed community projects, expanded club’s reach and impact, especially in health, education, and community welfare.
LifelineVolunteer/LeaderOrganized fundraising and awareness campaigns focused on mental health and suicide prevention. Promoted mental health awareness and fought stigma.
Marathons and Kokoda Trail TrekParticipantCompleted physically demanding challenges to raise funds and awareness for various causes, demonstrating commitment and resilience.

Political Vision and Goals

Matt’s political vision for Davidson and the broader New South Wales is driven by a passion to develop and implement policies that enhance the quality of life for local communities and the state as a whole. His approach is centered around a few key objectives that reflect both the immediate needs and long-term interests of his constituents.

One of Matt’s primary concerns is combating overdevelopment in Davidson. He advocates for responsible development policies that balance growth with sustainability, ensuring that development does not compromise the unique character and livability of the community. This stance stems from a broader vision to maintain the quality of life in Davidson, preserving its natural beauty and community atmosphere for future generations.


Promoting environmental initiatives is another cornerstone of Matt’s political agenda. He aims to introduce and support policies that protect the local environment, promote sustainable practices, and encourage community participation in environmental conservation. Whether it’s enhancing green spaces, reducing waste, or promoting renewable energy, Matt is committed to making Davidson a model of environmental stewardship.

Preserving the community’s character is intrinsic to Matt’s vision for Davidson. He believes in nurturing the cultural and historical aspects that define the community, ensuring that these elements are not only protected but also celebrated. By doing so, Matt hopes to keep the community’s heritage alive, making it a cornerstone of identity for current and future residents.

Above all, Matt is dedicated to continuing the work of his predecessor, Jonathan O’Dea, by not only maintaining the initiatives already in place but also by expanding them with fresh perspectives and renewed energy. His broader commitment to NSW includes pushing for statewide policies that reflect the progressive and inclusive values he champions, aiming to improve the lives of all citizens through thoughtful and effective governance.

In sum, Matt Cross’s involvement in community service and his clear political objectives highlight his deep commitment to the people of Davidson and his desire to contribute positively to the broader landscape of NSW politics. His actions and plans are geared towards creating a sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous future for all constituents.

Combatting OverdevelopmentAdvocates for responsible development policies to balance growth with sustainability. Focus on preserving the community’s unique character and livability.Ensures sustainable growth, maintains the quality of life and natural beauty of Davidson.
Promoting Environmental InitiativesIntroduce and support policies for environmental protection, sustainable practices, and community involvement in conservation.Aims to make Davidson a model of environmental stewardship by enhancing green spaces, reducing waste, and promoting renewable energy.
Preserving Community CharacterFocus on nurturing cultural and historical aspects, ensuring these are protected and celebrated within the community.Keeps the community’s heritage alive, reinforcing identity for current and future residents.
Continuing LegacyDedicated to continuing and expanding the initiatives of his predecessor, Jonathan O’Dea, with fresh perspectives and renewed energy.Enhances ongoing projects and brings new ideas to improve the lives of Davidson’s constituents and the broader NSW population.

As Matt Cross assumes his new role as the Liberal Member for Davidson, his dedication to serving the community remains steadfast and unwavering. His journey from a youth deeply embedded in the cultural fabric of Sydney’s upper north shore to a prominent community leader and advocate showcases a lifelong commitment to public service. Matt’s vision for Davidson is not just a series of policy proposals; it is a heartfelt commitment to the well-being and prosperity of every resident in the community he now represents.

Matt’s extensive background in governance, combined with his significant achievements in community service, uniquely positions him to lead Davidson towards a future where community values and sustainable development coexist harmoniously. His approach to leadership is inclusive and participatory, emphasizing the importance of community input in shaping the policies and initiatives that affect their lives. Matt understands that effective leadership is not about making unilateral decisions, but about fostering a collaborative environment where every voice is heard and valued.

As he steps into his role, Matt extends an open invitation to the residents of Davidson to engage actively with his office. He encourages the community to reach out with their concerns, ideas, and aspirations. Whether it’s through town hall meetings, community forums, or simply through direct communication, Matt is committed to maintaining an open dialogue with his constituents. This ongoing interaction is crucial for Matt to effectively represent his community’s interests in the NSW Parliament and to ensure that his actions and decisions are always aligned with the community’s needs and desires.

Moreover, Matt is eager to build and strengthen the bonds within the community by supporting local events, initiatives, and businesses. He sees these as vital opportunities for community members to connect with one another and with their local government, creating a more cohesive and supportive community environment. These engagements also serve as a platform for Matt to share updates and gather feedback, ensuring transparency and accountability in his role as a Member of Parliament.

To further this goal, Matt plans to utilize various platforms and communication channels to keep the community informed and involved. Social media, newsletters, and regular updates on local issues are just a few of the tools he intends to use to ensure everyone in Davidson is up-to-date and engaged with the ongoing developments and initiatives in the area.

Matt’s commitment goes beyond just serving as a voice in the NSW Parliament; he aims to be a hands-on leader who actively participates in and supports the initiatives that will shape the future of Davidson. From environmental conservation efforts to cultural celebrations, Matt is dedicated to being a visible, accessible, and proactive figure in every aspect of community life.

In closing, Matt Cross is not just asking for the support of his community as he takes on his new role; he is inviting every resident of Davidson to join him in a partnership that seeks to enhance their quality of life and to co-create a vibrant, sustainable future for all. His office is always open, and his team is ready to listen, respond, and act. Together with the residents of Davidson, Matt is looking forward to building a community that stands as a beacon of successful civic engagement and progressive governance in New South Wales.

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