Residence A Detailed Look Inside Sam Hubbard House

Sam Hubbard house symbolizes the personal triumph and lifestyle choices of the Cincinnati Bengals’ players amidst their recent transformation and success, particularly under the leadership of Joe Burrow. As the Bengals journeyed from a struggling franchise to Super Bowl contenders, the real estate decisions of its players, including Hubbard, offer a unique window into their lives beyond the gridiron.

Sam Hubbard, a Cincinnati native and Ohio State alumnus, has demonstrated his commitment not just to his team but also to his hometown. His real estate choices reflect a blend of modesty and mindfulness, typical of someone who values familiarity and stability. Purchased in July 2020, his four-bedroom home in the Columbia-Tusculum neighborhood represents more than just an investment; it’s a statement of belonging. Positioned at the end of a cul-de-sac and backing onto acres of green space, Hubbard’s residence offers a serene retreat from the high-energy world of professional football.

The home’s 2,739 square feet of living space is meticulously updated, featuring a modern kitchen, a spacious primary suite, and gleaming hardwood floors that echo the polish of his athletic prowess. The large backyard, an ideal setting for team gatherings, and a covered patio enhance the allure of his home, making it a perfect spot for relaxation and socialization.

This commitment to his roots and his team is evident not just in Hubbard’s choice of location but also in his approach to community engagement. By choosing to live just a few streets over from teammate Joe Burrow, Hubbard reinforces the close-knit nature of the Bengals’ squad, turning his personal space into an extension of team spirit.

Exploring Sam Hubbard’s house is more than a glimpse into a player’s life; it’s a reflection of the Bengals’ collective spirit and revival, marking a new era of hope and unity for a once-beleaguered franchise.

Symbolism of Sam Hubbard’s HouseRepresents personal triumph and lifestyle of Cincinnati Bengals’ players.
LocationColumbia-Tusculum neighborhood, Cincinnati.
House FeaturesFour bedrooms, 2,739 sq ft, modern kitchen, spacious primary suite, hardwood floors, large backyard, covered patio.
Symbolic ValueStatement of belonging and connection to his hometown and team.
Community EngagementProximity to teammate Joe Burrow, reinforcing team unity.


The Owner – Mike Brown

Mike Brown, the owner of the Cincinnati Bengals, lives in stark contrast to the lavish lifestyles often associated with NFL team owners. His primary residence is nestled in the affluent Indian Hill neighborhood of Cincinnati, an area known for its opulent mansions and luxurious estates. However, Brown’s home is a departure from this grandeur, reflecting a surprising modesty.

Built in 1955, this three-bedroom home sits quietly near the end of a wooded cul-de-sac, providing a private and understated living space. Despite being in one of Cincinnati’s most expensive zip codes, 45243, where the median list price hovers around $639,000, Brown’s home is modest in size, with reported square footage ranging from 2,384 to 3,884. The larger figure suggests a possible 1,500-square-foot addition over the decades, yet the home remains humble compared to its neighbors’ sprawling mansions equipped with pools, tennis courts, and expansive motor courts.

Brown’s commitment to simplicity is further underscored by the absence of luxurious amenities that are typical in the homes of his peers. His approach aligns with the Bengals’ reputation for fiscal prudence under his leadership, a trait passed down from his father, Paul Brown, the legendary founder of the team.

In addition to his primary residence, Mike Brown and his wife own another three-bedroom home less than a mile away. This charming property, acquired in 1998 for $389,000, echoes the understated elegance of their primary home. Built in 1908, it features 3,058 square feet of living space and includes a detached garage, blending historical character with modern comfort.

The property’s value and appeal lie not just in its architecture but in its placement within the same prestigious zip code, surrounded by multimillion-dollar mansions and a short distance from a $6.9 million estate, the most expensive home in the state. This second home, while more “adorable” than opulent, maintains the theme of modesty that pervades Brown’s real estate choices.

While Brown’s Cincinnati properties reflect a certain restraint, his three-bedroom residence in La Jolla, California, offers a glimpse into a different lifestyle. Acquired from his brother Peter in 1992, this 1,971-square-foot condo is situated in a posh suburb of San Diego, surrounded by multimillion-dollar homes.

Unlike his Ohio residences, this La Jolla home boasts sublime views of the Pacific Ocean, elevating its allure and market value. Built in 1970, the condo maintains a modest footprint compared to neighboring properties but stands out for its prime coastal location and the prestige of the La Jolla neighborhood.

This California residence also connects to a poignant chapter in Bengals history. It is here that Paul Brown, the family patriarch and ousted Cleveland Browns coach, retreated during what he called “the dark days of my existence.” This home, therefore, holds a symbolic connection to the Brown family legacy, representing both refuge and resilience.

Location of Primary ResidenceIndian Hill neighborhood, Cincinnati, zip code 45243.
Features of Primary HomeThree bedrooms, size ranging from 2,384 to 3,884 sq ft, built in 1955, lacks luxurious amenities.
Modesty and Fiscal PrudenceReflects Brown’s commitment to simplicity and the Bengals’ fiscal prudence.
Second Home in CincinnatiThree-bedroom home, 3,058 sq ft, built in 1908, acquired in 1998 for $389,000.
La Jolla, California ResidenceThree-bedroom condo, 1,971 sq ft, acquired in 1992, offers views of the Pacific Ocean.
Symbolic SignificanceLa Jolla home represents a chapter in Bengals history and the Brown family legacy.

The Coach – Zac Taylor

Zac Taylor, the head coach who played a pivotal role in the Bengals’ transformation, chose the Mount Lookout neighborhood for his residence after joining the team in 2019. His four-bedroom home, purchased for $1.55 million in April of that year, represents a blend of functionality and family-oriented design.

Built in 2015, the 4,069-square-foot property is deceptively large, marketed under the premise of “being much larger than it looks.” This home features elegant hardwood floors throughout, adding warmth and a touch of luxury to the living spaces. The large, flat backyard, equipped with a spacious patio, is a highlight, offering ample space for relaxation and entertainment.

Taylor’s choice of Mount Lookout for his home underscores his commitment to integrating into the community and providing a stable base for his family. The neighborhood, known for its friendly vibe and beautiful scenery, mirrors the values Taylor has brought to the Bengals—focus, family, and a foundation for long-term success.

LocationMount Lookout neighborhood, Cincinnati.
Home PurchasePurchased in April 2019 for $1.55 million.
Size and Design4,069 sq ft, four bedrooms, built in 2015, “larger than it looks”.
FeaturesHardwood floors, large flat backyard, spacious patio.
Community IntegrationChoice of Mount Lookout reflects values of focus, family, and foundation for success.

The Star Quarterback – Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow, the Cincinnati Bengals’ star quarterback, marked his arrival in the NFL with a significant personal investment: his first home in the historic Columbia-Tusculum neighborhood. This purchase wasn’t just about finding a place to stay; it was about setting roots in a city that had pinned its hopes on him to lead a football revival.

Burrow’s home, acquired in June 2020 for $835,000, is a testament to both his practicality and his understanding of value. Built in 2014, the two-story residence spans approximately 2,900 square feet and is located about 5 miles northeast of downtown Cincinnati and the iconic Paul Brown Stadium. This proximity allows Burrow quick and easy access to team facilities, essential for a player dedicated to his craft.

The home itself stands at the end of a steep street, a position that affords it a measure of privacy and seclusion—an ideal setup for someone under the constant scrutiny of the public eye. The exterior is sharp and modern, with clean lines and an inviting façade that blends well with the neighborhood’s eclectic mix of architectural styles.

While interior details remain private, the external appearance and strategic location of Burrow’s home reflect his commitment to a balanced lifestyle: close enough to the heart of the city and his work, yet distant enough to offer respite and privacy.

LocationColumbia-Tusculum neighborhood, Cincinnati.
Home PurchasePurchased in June 2020 for $835,000.
Size and YearApproximately 2,900 sq ft, built in 2014.
Proximity to StadiumAbout 5 miles northeast of downtown Cincinnati and Paul Brown Stadium.
Home PositionAt the end of a steep street, offering privacy and seclusion.
Exterior StyleSharp and modern with clean lines, blends with neighborhood’s architectural mix.

The Star Running Back – Joe Mixon

Joe Mixon, the Bengals’ elusive running back, has navigated the real estate market with the same agility he shows on the field. His former residence in Anderson Township is a clear indicator of his taste and the lifestyle he sought to cultivate off the field.

Mixon’s previous home, which he sold in February 2021 for $790,000, was a relatively recent construction, built in 2015. He purchased the property in October 2020 for $760,000, showcasing a savvy understanding of real estate investment. This four-bedroom home was marketed as “almost new” when he put it back on the market, reflecting its well-maintained condition.

The home itself boasted several luxurious amenities, including a wet bar, wine cellar, and home theater—features that cater to both relaxation and entertainment. Such amenities not only provide a personal retreat for Mixon but also make the home a perfect venue for hosting teammates and friends.

However, Mixon’s real estate journey didn’t end with the sale of this home. He’s invested in his future in the Cincinnati area, particularly with a significant purchase near the prestigious Coldstream Country Club. In July of the previous year, Mixon invested nearly $3.2 million in a 1.13-acre lot surrounded by luxurious mansions.

This investment is more than just a financial move; it signals Mixon’s intention to build a custom home that fully embodies his preferences and lifestyle. Being close to Coldstream Country Club not only suggests a desire for exclusivity and community but also indicates a commitment to staying in the area long-term, bolstered by his four-year, $48 million contract extension signed in September 2020.

The anticipation around what Mixon will create on this lot is high. It’s expected that he will incorporate high-end features that reflect his personality and status as one of the league’s top running backs. Whether this means expansive living spaces, custom athletic facilities, or eco-friendly innovations, Mixon’s next move in real estate will likely be as noteworthy as his performances on the field.

Former Residence in Anderson TownshipPurchased in October 2020 for $760,000; sold in February 2021 for $790,000; built in 2015.
Features of Former HomeFour bedrooms, wet bar, wine cellar, home theater.
New Investment Near Coldstream Country ClubPurchased a 1.13-acre lot for $3.2 million in July of the previous year.
Future PlansIntention to build a custom home that reflects his lifestyle and preferences.
Commitment to Cincinnati AreaSignaled by property investment and four-year, $48 million contract extension in September 2020.

Local Hero – Defensive End Sam Hubbard

Sam Hubbard, a Cincinnati native and defensive end for the Bengals, has shown a deep connection to his roots through his real estate investments in the Columbia-Tusculum neighborhood. His decisions reflect not only a love for his hometown but also a strategic approach to property ownership.

Hubbard’s primary residence, purchased in July 2020 for $623,000, is a testament to his commitment to Cincinnati. This four-bedroom home, with its 2,739 square feet of living space, is located at the end of a cul-de-sac and offers privacy and tranquility by backing onto acres of green space. The modern kitchen, spacious primary suite, and gleaming hardwood floors throughout the home speak to a blend of comfort and elegance that suits Hubbard’s lifestyle both as a professional athlete and a community member.

One of the standout features of Hubbard’s home is the large backyard, an ideal setting for team gatherings or family events. The covered patio adds another layer of appeal, making it perfect for outdoor entertainment regardless of the weather. This home reflects Hubbard’s understanding of the value of a welcoming and functional living space.

An interesting twist in Hubbard’s real estate journey is his previous purchase of a smaller house next door for $375,000 in July 2019. This strategic move allowed him to control the immediate environment around his primary residence. In a familial gesture, Hubbard sold this smaller home to his sister one year later, when he upgraded to his current larger home. This sale not only helped keep the family close but also demonstrated Hubbard’s thoughtful approach to property and family.

Primary Residence in Columbia-TusculumPurchased in July 2020 for $623,000; 2,739 sq ft, four bedrooms, located at the end of a cul-de-sac.
Features of Primary HomeModern kitchen, spacious primary suite, hardwood floors, large backyard, covered patio.
Previous PurchaseBought smaller neighboring house for $375,000 in July 2019; sold to his sister in one year.
Strategic Real Estate DecisionsControlled the immediate environment around his primary residence; kept family close.
Community ConnectionDeep ties to Cincinnati, reflected in both home choice and community engagement.

The Star Cornerback – Mike Hilton

Mike Hilton, the star cornerback for the Bengals, chose to invest in a home away from the hustle of his professional life in Cincinnati. His four-bedroom house in Newnan, Georgia, reflects his desire for a peaceful retreat and a stable base for his family.

Purchased in February 2020 for $317,000, this two-story home was listed at $324,900 initially. The property, built in 2017, embodies modern living with its thoughtful design and amenities. Located about 40 miles southwest of Atlanta, Newnan offers an affordable yet upscale suburban lifestyle, aligning with Hilton’s preference for a balanced life.

One of the highlights of Hilton’s home is the spacious primary suite, which features a double-tray ceiling that adds an architectural interest and a sense of luxury. This suite, along with the entire house, benefits from ample natural light, enhancing the airy and open feel of the interiors.

The kitchen stands out with its granite counters and a walk-in pantry, providing both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. This space is ideal for family meals or entertaining guests, with its open layout flowing seamlessly into the dining and living areas. The attention to detail in the finishings and the overall layout reflects Hilton’s appreciation for quality and comfort.

Mike Hilton’s choice of Newnan for his residence underlines his approach to life beyond football—seeking a balanced, comfortable, and family-oriented environment. This home not only serves as a personal sanctuary but also as a reflection of his values and priorities off the field.

LocationNewnan, Georgia, about 40 miles southwest of Atlanta.
Home PurchasePurchased in February 2020 for $317,000; initially listed at $324,900.
Size and YearTwo-story, four-bedroom home, built in 2017.
FeaturesSpacious primary suite with double-tray ceiling, ample natural light, granite kitchen counters, walk-in pantry.
Life PhilosophyReflects a balanced, comfortable, family-oriented environment.

The Star Safety – Vonn Bel

Vonn Bell, the Cincinnati Bengals’ star safety, has made a notable impact both on and off the field, particularly with his choice of residence in Miami, close to the upscale Pinecrest neighborhood. Bell’s acquisition of this six-bedroom home not only speaks to his success but also to his appreciation for luxury and comfort.

Purchased in March 2021 for $1.81 million, after being listed at $1.95 million, Bell’s Miami home spans 5,357 square feet and stands as a testament to modern architectural elegance. The open floor plan, a hallmark of contemporary design, facilitates a seamless flow between the living spaces, enhancing the home’s airy and expansive feel. Hardwood flooring runs throughout, adding warmth and a natural texture that contrasts beautifully with the home’s large windows and high ceilings.

The primary suite of Bell’s residence is particularly impressive, featuring a private balcony that offers a serene view over the meticulously landscaped pool area. This suite serves as a personal retreat within the home, with enough space for a sitting area and a spa-like bathroom that complements the luxurious feel of the entire house.

Other notable features of Bell’s home include a gourmet kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances and a large island, perfect for entertaining or casual family meals. The backyard, with its inviting pool and patio area, provides an ideal setting for relaxation or social gatherings, embodying the lifestyle that Miami is renowned for.

This residence not only reflects Bell’s personal taste but also his status as a key figure in the Bengals’ lineup, illustrating how his off-field choices mirror the confidence and strategic thinking he brings to the game.

LocationMiami, near Pinecrest neighborhood.
Home PurchasePurchased in March 2021 for $1.81 million; initially listed at $1.95 million.
Size and Style5,357 sq ft, six bedrooms, modern architectural elegance, open floor plan.
Primary SuiteSpacious with a private balcony, sitting area, spa-like bathroom.
Notable FeaturesGourmet kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances, large island, pool and patio area in the backyard.
Personal and Professional ReflectionReflects Bell’s success, luxury taste, and strategic thinking similar to his on-field approach.

Reflecting on the diverse real estate choices of the Cincinnati Bengals’ key figures reveals much about their personalities, priorities, and how they view their success. From the modesty of Mike Brown’s residence in Indian Hill to the luxurious expanse of Vonn Bell’s Miami home, each property tells a story of individual tastes and the different ways these athletes and executives connect with their communities and personal lives.

This variation in real estate choices among the Bengals’ players and executives parallels the team’s own transformation and evolution on the field. Much like their homes, which range from the understated to the outright lavish, the Bengals have developed a multifaceted identity that blends grounded, hard-working values with flashes of brilliance and high aspirations.

The team’s journey from a struggling franchise to a Super Bowl contender mirrors the personal journeys of its members. Joe Burrow’s practical yet promising starter home, Zac Taylor’s family-focused residence in Mount Lookout, and Joe Mixon’s forward-looking real estate investment all reflect a broader narrative of growth, stability, and future orientation.

Ultimately, the Bengals’ real estate choices are more than mere places of residence; they are expressions of identity, ambition, and a sense of belonging. These homes are not just structures but symbols of the lives these individuals have built and the dreams they continue to chase, both as individuals and as a unified team striving for excellence on and off the field.

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