Tony Evans New Wife Age Carla Crummie’s and Background

Tony Evans new wife age, Carla Crummie, has become a focal point of interest following their recent marriage. At 53 years old, Carla brings a vibrant addition to the life of Tony Evans, a distinguished figure in Christian ministry. Known for his profound impact on spiritual teachings and community outreach, Tony Evans has long been a revered leader. His ministry stretches across decades, marked by significant contributions to Christian thought and public discourse.

The news of Evans’ remarriage has sparked widespread curiosity and engagement from both his followers and the general public. After the loss of his first wife, Lois Evans, in 2019, Tony’s decision to remarry represents a poignant chapter in his personal life, underlining themes of renewal and continuity in his journey. Carla Crummie, now stepping into the spotlight as his spouse, is not just his companion but a professional in her own right. As a respected Christian therapist and counselor, she has established herself in roles that align closely with the values and missions of Tony’s ministry.

The announcement of their marriage was made during Tony’s 74th birthday celebration in September 2023, amidst the presence of his congregation at the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, alongside his four adult children. This event highlighted a moment of personal joy and communal sharing for Evans, who has typically kept his personal life discreet from the public eye.

As Tony Evans continues his influential work, the addition of Carla Crummie into his life introduces a new dynamic to his public persona. Her background as an ambassador for kindness and a certified life coach specializing in Christian counseling adds a complementary layer to Tony’s extensive theological and ministerial work. Their union not only marks a new beginning in his personal life but also sets the stage for collaborative endeavors that may further enhance their outreach and impact within and beyond their community.

PersonRoleAgeNotable Details
Tony EvansChristian Minister74Profound impact on spiritual teachings, recently remarried, continues influential work.
Carla CrummieChristian Therapist and Counselor53Recently married Tony Evans, specializes in Christian counseling, complements Tony’s ministry.


Tony Evans’ Personal Milestone

In a moment filled with personal significance and communal celebration, Tony Evans announced his marriage to Carla Crummie during his 74th birthday festivities. This event took place in Dallas, surrounded by his family and the close-knit congregation of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. The announcement was not just a revelation of his new marital status but also a testament to his journey of healing and new beginnings after the loss of his first wife in 2019. The congregation, who has long supported Evans through his spiritual leadership and personal trials, received the news with joy and warm wishes, reflecting the deep bond he shares with his community.

The wedding ceremony, held in December 2023, was a private affair characterized by intimacy and close familial connections. Attended by family and a few close friends, the event was marked by its simplicity and the profound love shared between Tony and Carla. The decision to keep the ceremony private underscores their desire for a personal celebration, focused on their commitment to each other in the presence of those most significant in their lives. This gathering not only celebrated their union but also symbolized a new chapter for both, enveloped in the support of their loved ones.

Marriage AnnouncementDuring Tony’s 74th birthdayDallas, at Oak Cliff Bible FellowshipAnnounced marriage to Carla Crummie, celebrated with family and congregation, marks a journey of healing and new beginnings.
Wedding CeremonyDecember 2023Private locationAttended by family and close friends, characterized by simplicity and intimacy, signifies a new chapter for Tony and Carla.

Who Is Carla Crummie? And her Videos

Carla Crummie, the new Mrs. Evans, was born on August 13, 1970, making her 53 years old at the time of their marriage. Her entrance into Tony Evans’ life brings not only a partnership but also her unique experiences and perspectives. At 53, Carla embodies a blend of maturity, wisdom, and a vibrant spirit that aligns with Tony’s life and ministry. Her age and background contribute significantly to her role within their union, offering both stability and fresh insights into their shared life and work.

Carla Crummie has established a respected career as a Christian therapist and counselor, roles that she has passionately embraced and which resonate deeply with the values upheld by Tony Evans’ ministry. Her professional journey is marked by a dedicated commitment to fostering kindness and reconciliation, which she carries into her role as The Urban Alternative’s ambassador for kindness. This position involves promoting emotional and spiritual healing within the community, a mission that complements Tony’s own pastoral work.

Video of Carla Crummie and her husband:

Furthermore, Carla is accredited as a John Maxwell-certified life coach, with specializations that include Christian counseling, family reconciliation, and couples therapy. Her expertise not only enhances her professional identity but also extends her impact as she joins Tony in ministering to families and individuals. Through her work, Carla Crummie demonstrates a profound dedication to improving lives through faith-based principles and therapeutic support, making her a formidable ally and partner in Tony Evans’ ongoing ministry and community service efforts.

Together, Tony and Carla Evans embark on a shared journey, enriched by their deep commitment to faith, community service, and personal growth. Carla’s background and professional achievements are not just complementary to Tony’s life and work; they are essential components that promise to enrich their collective impact on their community and beyond.

NameCarla Crummie
Age at Marriage53 years old
ProfessionChristian therapist and counselor
RoleThe Urban Alternative’s ambassador for kindness
SpecializationsChristian counseling, family reconciliation, couples therapy
AccreditationJohn Maxwell-certified life coach
ImpactEnhances Tony Evans’ ministry and community service
Marital PartnershipShared journey with Tony Evans, focused on faith, community service, and personal growth

Tony Evans – A Brief Biography

Anthony Tyrone “Tony” Evans was born on September 10, 1949, in Baltimore, Maryland. Growing up in a time of significant social changes, Tony was drawn early to the teachings of Christianity, which shaped his path toward spiritual leadership. He pursued higher education with vigor, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from Carver College and later, a Th.M. and a Th.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary. It was during his time at seminary that he began to envision a new way to reach the community through the word of God.

In 1976, this vision led to the founding of the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in his own living room with just ten members. What started as a small group soon grew into a thriving church community, and it was here that The Urban Alternative was born. This radio and television ministry was initiated to address the spiritual needs of the wider community and quickly spread Tony Evans’ teachings across the globe.

Tony Evans’ role as the senior pastor at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship has been foundational to his identity as a religious leader. Under his guidance, the church grew to include over 9,500 members, becoming a beacon of faith in the Dallas area. Beyond the pulpit, Tony expanded his ministry through media, recognizing early on the power of radio and television to spread his message. His broadcasts, “The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans,” reach millions worldwide, making him one of the most influential Christian leaders in media.

His literary contributions are equally significant, with over 100 books to his name, including “The Kingdom Agenda” and “Kingdom Man.” These works extend his pastoral teaching into print, allowing him to touch the lives of even more people beyond his immediate reach.

Tony’s personal life has been deeply intertwined with his ministry. He was married to Lois Irene Evans for over four decades until her passing in December 2019 from biliary cancer. The couple’s partnership was a cornerstone of his life and ministry, producing four children, all of whom are involved in ministry and public speaking in various capacities. The death of Lois was a profound loss for Tony and his community, but it also exemplified his teachings on faith and resilience in the face of adversity.

NameAnthony Tyrone “Tony” Evans
BirthdateSeptember 10, 1949
BirthplaceBaltimore, Maryland
EducationB.A. from Carver College; Th.M. and Th.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary
Church FoundedOak Cliff Bible Fellowship in 1976
Media MinistryThe Urban Alternative; “The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans”
Church MembershipOver 9,500 members
PublicationsOver 100 books, including “The Kingdom Agenda” and “Kingdom Man”
Marital StatusMarried to Lois Irene Evans for over 40 years until her passing in 2019
ChildrenFour children involved in ministry and public speaking

The Impact of Their Union

The marriage of Tony Evans and Carla Crummie represents a significant new beginning for both. For Tony, this union marks a heartfelt continuation of companionship and shared ministry after a period of mourning. For the community they serve, their marriage is a testament to the power of faith and love to bring about healing and new growth. Together, they symbolize a renewed commitment to serving others while also nurturing their personal journey of faith and love.

Carla Crummie brings her own unique set of skills and experiences to her marriage with Tony Evans, which could greatly influence the future direction of their shared ministries. Her background as a Christian therapist and counselor adds a new layer of depth to the pastoral care and community services offered by Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. With her focus on kindness and reconciliation, Carla is well-positioned to help expand the church’s outreach initiatives, particularly in areas involving family and couples therapy.

Moreover, her involvement could enhance the holistic approach of The Urban Alternative, integrating more comprehensive counseling and life coaching services into its programs. This partnership not only continues Tony Evans’ legacy but also propels it forward, incorporating new perspectives and expanding its impact on both local and international stages. Together, Tony and Carla are set to forge a path that honors past traditions while embracing new opportunities to serve and lead their community.

The marriage of Tony Evans to Carla Crummie marks more than a personal union; it signifies a moment of profound significance for both his followers and the broader community that he serves. This event is not merely a continuation of personal happiness for Dr. Evans but also a reinforcement of his life’s work and ministry in a new and dynamic form.

For decades, Tony Evans has been a pillar in the Christian community, renowned for his deep spiritual insights and practical applications of faith in daily life. His leadership at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship and through The Urban Alternative has touched countless lives, offering guidance and hope to many. The addition of Carla Crummie into his life introduces a partner who shares his commitment to faith and community service, potentially enriching the ministry with her unique gifts and perspectives.

Significance of MarriageRepresents a new beginning, a continuation of companionship and shared ministry, and a testament to the power of faith and love.
Impact on CommunityServes as an example of healing and growth, symbolizes renewed commitment to service.
Carla’s ContributionsAdds depth to pastoral care with her expertise in Christian therapy and counseling; expected to expand church’s outreach in family and couples therapy.
Influence on The Urban AlternativePotential to enhance the ministry with comprehensive counseling and life coaching, integrating new perspectives.
Long-term ImplicationsPropels Tony’s legacy forward, broadens impact on local and international stages.
Reinforcement of MinistryMarriage not only continues personal happiness but also reinforces Tony’s lifelong ministry with new dynamics.

Carla’s professional background as a Christian therapist and counselor aligns perfectly with the ongoing missions of Tony’s ministry. Her expertise in counseling and promoting kindness adds a complementary layer to the existing outreach programs, potentially broadening their scope and deepening their impact. As followers look to their leader for guidance, Carla’s presence offers a fresh testament to the power of faith in overcoming personal trials and embracing new beginnings.

The significance of this marriage also extends to the broader community interests that Tony Evans has long championed. Together, Tony and Carla can address more complex social issues within their community, integrating stronger family and marital support services into their ministry. This is particularly important in times when communities face increased stresses that challenge family unity and individual well-being.

For Tony’s followers, this marriage reaffirms a message of hope and renewal. After the sorrow of losing his first wife, Lois, Tony’s decision to remarry demonstrates his own faith in God’s timing and the restoration that follows life’s challenges. It shows his congregation and supporters that personal loss can give way to new chapters filled with love and purpose. His personal life becomes a living sermon of the teachings he has espoused from the pulpit — that in every season, God provides paths for healing and new growth.

Beyond personal and community levels, this union also has implications for the future direction of Tony’s ministry. With Carla’s skills and spiritual gifts adding to the ministry’s toolbox, new programs tailored to enhancing relational and emotional health can be expected. This could lead to increased community engagement and support, fostering a more holistic approach to ministry that addresses not only spiritual but also emotional and psychological needs.

Furthermore, the marriage between Tony and Carla symbolizes a strategic partnership that can propel The Urban Alternative into new areas of influence. As they blend their visions and skills, they could extend their outreach to wider audiences, including more diverse demographic groups that seek spiritual and emotional guidance.

In conclusion, the marriage of Tony Evans and Carla Crummie is more than a new chapter in their personal lives — it is a beacon of hope and a strategic alliance that promises to rejuvenate and expand the reach of an already influential ministry. For Tony’s followers and the broader community, this union offers a renewed commitment to faith, family, and the healing power of love and kindness. It is a living example of how personal happiness and professional dedication can intertwine to create a powerful force for good in the world. This partnership not only continues Tony Evans’ legacy but also enhances it, promising new opportunities for growth and service in the years to come.

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