Legend Bob Barker House Hits the Market for $2.9 Million

Bob Barker’s house, a historic gem nestled in the Hollywood Hills, has just hit the market, encapsulating a rich tapestry of entertainment history priced at $2.9 million. The Spanish Colonial Revival style home, which the legendary television host Bob Barker owned for over half a century, is now seeking a new owner following his passing in August at the age of 99. Barker, renowned for his charismatic hosting of “The Price Is Right” for 35 years, left behind more than just memories of his television prowess; he left a landmark residence steeped in the cultural heritage of Los Angeles.

This residence isn’t just a home; it’s a monument. Officially recognized as a City of L.A. Historic-Cultural Monument, the property sits in the prestigious Outpost Estates, a neighborhood that has long been the choice of Hollywood’s elite. Constructed in 1929, the home stands on the historical site of the original adobe known as “Outpost,” which lent the area its name. This spot was famously the first developed within this segment of the Hollywood Hills, making it a foundational piece of the neighborhood’s storied past.

As the world remembers Barker not only for his influence in entertainment but also for his dedicated animal rights activism, his former home offers a unique blend of personal and historical significance. The house itself remains a capsule of the era it was built, featuring original details like ceiling frescos, stained-glass windows, and colorful Spanish tiles, all preserved as they were when Barker acquired the property in 1969.

The sale of Bob Barker’s house invites potential buyers to own a slice of Hollywood history, an opportunity to inhabit space once filled with the presence of a television icon and revered public figure. For those looking to invest, it represents a chance to preserve and rejuvenate a significant cultural asset, adding personal touches while honoring its illustrious past.

LocationHollywood Hills, Los Angeles
StyleSpanish Colonial Revival
Historical SignificanceCity of L.A. Historic-Cultural Monument, originally built in 1929 on the historical site of the “Outpost”
Previous OwnerBob Barker, owned for over 50 years, hosted “The Price Is Right” for 35 years
Price$2.9 million
Architectural FeaturesCeiling frescos, stained-glass windows, colorful Spanish tiles
Cultural SignificanceResidence of a television icon and dedicated animal rights activist


The Legacy of Bob Barker

Bob Barker’s illustrious career in broadcasting spans several decades, marked by his charismatic presence on two of America’s most beloved game shows, “The Price Is Right” and “Truth or Consequences.” Barker took the helm of “Truth or Consequences” in 1956, showcasing his unique ability to connect with the audience through a mix of humor and empathy. However, it was his tenure on “The Price Is Right,” beginning in 1972, that cemented his status as a television icon. Under Barker’s guidance, “The Price Is Right” became synonymous with daytime TV entertainment, engaging audiences with its exciting mix of games and prizes.


Throughout his career, Barker was recognized with 19 Daytime Emmy Awards, a testament to his skill as a host and his lasting appeal among viewers. His final Emmy, awarded in 2007 upon his retirement, was a heartfelt tribute to his 50 years in television, underscoring his significant impact on the industry.

Beyond the bright lights of television studios, Barker was a passionate advocate for animal rights. His activism was not just a personal passion but a public mission; he famously ended each episode of “The Price Is Right” with a reminder for pet owners to have their pets spayed or neutered. This advocacy extended to substantial support for various animal rights organizations and causes, influencing public opinion and legislative actions to protect animal welfare.

Career SpanSeveral decades in broadcasting
Main Shows Hosted“The Price Is Right” from 1972 and “Truth or Consequences” from 1956
Notable Achievements19 Daytime Emmy Awards, including a final award in 2007 marking 50 years in television
AdvocacyPassionate advocate for animal rights, famous for promoting pet spaying and neutering on “The Price Is Right”
ImpactInfluenced public opinion and legislation on animal welfare

Historical Significance of the Home

Bob Barker’s home, a stunning example of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture, stands as a significant piece of Los Angeles’ architectural and cultural heritage. Built in 1929, the residence retains many of its original features, which are emblematic of the style’s elegance and historical value. Spanish Colonial Revival architecture, known for its white stucco exteriors, red tile roofs, and ornate detailing, reflects the Mediterranean roots that influenced many architectural designs in Southern California during the early 20th century.

The property’s historical significance extends beyond its architectural style. Originally, the site housed an adobe structure known as “Outpost,” which was pivotal in the development of the Hollywood Hills area. This original adobe, purchased by General Harrison Gray Otis, founder of the Los Angeles Times, in 1880, set the stage for the area’s transformation into a prestigious residential enclave. After Otis’s death, the property changed hands until it was acquired by Charles E. Toberman, a notable developer responsible for iconic Los Angeles landmarks like the Hollywood Bowl. Toberman demolished the original adobe and erected the current structure, which Bob Barker would later purchase and inhabit for over five decades.

Today, Barker’s home is recognized not just for its beautiful design but also as a City of L.A. Historic-Cultural Monument. This designation is reserved for sites that have a significant contribution to the cultural and historical fabric of the city. As such, the home is not only a private residence but also a piece of public heritage, representing a rich tapestry of stories and histories that are central to Los Angeles’ identity.

Bob Barker’s home thus stands as a beacon of Hollywood history, embodying the glitz and glamour of the entertainment world while also serving as a custodian of the architectural and cultural narratives that have shaped Los Angeles. It offers a unique glimpse into the past, preserved within its walls, and continues to be a symbol of both personal legacy and public heritage.

Architectural StyleSpanish Colonial Revival, featuring white stucco exteriors, red tile roofs, and ornate detailing
Construction YearBuilt in 1929
Historical BackgroundSite originally housed “Outpost” adobe, pivotal in developing Hollywood Hills. Purchased by General Harrison Gray Otis in 1880, later redeveloped by Charles E. Toberman
OwnershipOwned by Bob Barker for over 50 years
Cultural SignificanceRecognized as a City of L.A. Historic-Cultural Monument, symbolizing the cultural and historical narratives of Los Angeles
Public HeritageRepresents a rich tapestry of stories central to Los Angeles’ identity, preserved as both personal legacy and public heritage

Unique Features of the Property

Bob Barker’s home in the Hollywood Hills is not just a residence but a repository of historical art and architectural integrity. Inside the home, visitors are greeted by an array of original features that encapsulate the essence of the Spanish Colonial Revival style. One of the most striking features is the ceiling fresco, which adorns the main living area. This fresco, with its intricate details and vibrant colors, reflects the artistic traditions that influenced early 20th-century design in Southern California.

The windows of the home are fitted with original stained glass, each pane telling a story of meticulous craftsmanship. These windows not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the house but also play a role in creating the vibrant, colorful light patterns that move across the rooms with the changing sunlight. Similarly, the Spanish tiles that line the floors and walls are remarkably preserved, featuring traditional designs and colors that are characteristic of the period when the house was built.

Since Barker’s acquisition of the house in 1969, there has been a dedicated effort to maintain the property’s original condition. This commitment to preservation is evident throughout the home, from the unmodified layout and structural elements to the conservation of decorative details, such as the ornate wrought-iron railings and the woodwork on the living room fireplace. The fireplace itself is an example of classic craftsmanship, with wood carved into delicate patterns that complement the robust, welcoming nature of the hearth.

Outside, the property boasts a large pool that serves as a focal point for the spacious backyard. This pool, surrounded by a meticulously manicured lawn and garden, offers a refreshing retreat from the bustling city nearby. Adjacent to the pool is a distinguished oak tree, which provides a grand sense of scale and history, symbolizing endurance and natural beauty. The grounds are also encircled by tall privacy hedges, roses, and bougainvillea, creating a lush, secluded environment that enhances the serene and private feel of the estate.

Ceiling FrescoLocated in the main living area, features intricate details and vibrant colors typical of early 20th-century Southern California design.
Stained Glass WindowsOriginal stained glass enhances aesthetic appeal and creates colorful light patterns across the rooms.
Spanish TilesPreserved traditional designs and colors, lining the floors and walls, characteristic of the home’s construction period.
FireplaceFeatures classic craftsmanship with delicately carved wood, complementing the robust nature of the hearth.
Outdoor FeaturesIncludes a large pool, a grand oak tree symbolizing endurance, and lush privacy hedges and gardens, providing a secluded retreat.
Preservation EffortsDedicated maintenance since 1969 to preserve the home’s original condition, including layout, structural elements, and decorative details.

Celebrity Influence in Outpost Estates

Outpost Estates, the neighborhood in which Bob Barker’s home is located, has long been one of the most desirable addresses in Hollywood, known for its privacy, exclusivity, and the glamour associated with its residents. Over the decades, this enclave has attracted an array of celebrities who have contributed to its legendary status within the Hollywood community.

Historically, Outpost Estates was home to classic film stars such as Bela Lugosi, known for his iconic portrayal of Dracula, and Dolores del Río, one of the first major Latin American crossover stars in Hollywood. Their presence in the neighborhood during Hollywood’s golden age set a precedent for other celebrities looking for a quiet yet opulent living environment, away from the public eye yet close enough to the studios and nightlife that define the area.

In more recent times, the neighborhood has continued to attract a wide range of celebrities. Actors like Johnny Galecki and Winona Ryder have chosen Outpost Estates as their home, drawn by its reputation and the stunning architecture that characterizes many of its properties. The area’s ability to blend historical significance with modern luxury appeals to celebrities in the film and television industries, ensuring that it remains a top choice for those seeking discretion and style.

The allure of Outpost Estates lies not only in its architectural beauty and lush landscapes but also in its history as a part of Hollywood’s rich narrative. The neighborhood offers a direct connection to the early days of the film industry, maintaining its appeal as a residential haven for those in the spotlight. The presence of celebrities throughout the years has only enhanced its mystique, making it a true landmark in the Hollywood Hills.

Overall, Bob Barker’s home and its neighborhood offer a blend of history, luxury, and celebrity appeal, making it a unique and coveted property in the heart of one of Los Angeles’ most famous areas.

Location AppealOne of the most desirable addresses in Hollywood, known for privacy, exclusivity, and glamour.
Historical ResidentsHome to classic film stars such as Bela Lugosi and Dolores del Río during Hollywood’s golden age.
Modern Celebrity ResidentsAttracts modern celebrities like Johnny Galecki and Winona Ryder, drawn by the neighborhood’s reputation and architecture.
Architectural SignificanceCharacterized by stunning architecture that blends historical significance with modern luxury.
Connection to Film IndustryOffers a direct connection to the early days of the film industry, maintaining appeal as a residential haven for those in the spotlight.
Celebrity AppealThe presence of celebrities throughout the years has enhanced its mystique, making it a landmark in the Hollywood Hills.

Real Estate Details

Bob Barker’s historic Hollywood Hills home is not only a testament to architectural beauty and celebrity heritage but also a substantial real estate property by its specifications. The residence encompasses approximately 5,906 square feet, offering spacious accommodations including six bedrooms and six bathrooms, two of which are half-baths. This expansive layout provides ample room for both privacy and entertaining, making it ideal for families or individuals who appreciate space.

Among the special amenities that set this property apart is the library/den, which features a bar with a distinct speakeasy feel—reminiscent of the Prohibition era. This unique space is designed for relaxation and entertainment, adorned with rich wooden paneling and intricate detailing that evokes a bygone era of clandestine elegance. The inclusion of such a feature enhances the home’s appeal as a place of both historical value and modern convenience.


The home is listed on the market at $2,988,000. This pricing not only reflects its size and the luxury amenities it offers but also its historical and cultural significance. As an official City of L.A. Historic-Cultural Monument, the property is recognized for its contribution to the architectural heritage of the area. Moreover, the fact that it was the long-term residence of one of television’s most beloved personalities adds a layer of intangible value that can attract buyers interested in its unique backstory as well as its physical attributes.

SizeApproximately 5,906 square feet
LayoutSix bedrooms, six bathrooms (including two half-baths)
Special AmenitiesLibrary/den with a speakeasy-style bar, featuring rich wooden paneling and intricate detailing
PriceListed at $2,988,000
Cultural SignificanceCity of L.A. Historic-Cultural Monument, recognized for its architectural heritage and celebrity heritage
Market AppealCombines historical value and modern convenience, appealing to buyers interested in both its backstory and physical attributes

Investment Potential and Market Trends

The real estate market in Hollywood Hills is characterized by its high demand and low turnover, making properties in this area highly coveted. The appeal is driven by the neighborhood’s scenic views, its proximity to central Los Angeles, and its reputation as a residential haven for celebrities and high-net-worth individuals. In recent years, the market has seen a steady appreciation in property values, fueled by its desirability and the limited availability of homes. This trend is expected to continue, supported by the ongoing allure of living in a prestigious and historically significant area.

Bob Barker’s home, situated in this prime location, offers significant investment potential. Its historical significance as a monument adds a layer of protection and prestige, often resulting in a higher valuation over time. The celebrity connection through Bob Barker further elevates its status in the market, making it particularly appealing to buyers who value cultural and historical connections in their real estate investments.

Moreover, the home’s preservation of original features and its status as one of the earliest properties developed in Outpost Estates contribute to its uniqueness in the marketplace. Properties that maintain such distinctive characteristics are often seen as more desirable for collectors and enthusiasts of historical architecture, potentially leading to a faster appreciation in value compared to more modernized properties in the area.

Investors looking at Barker’s home are not just purchasing a place to live; they are investing in a piece of Hollywood history. The combination of its architectural distinction, historical significance, and celebrity legacy makes this property a potentially lucrative investment. As the market trends towards valuing unique and historically important properties, this home stands out as a prime candidate for appreciation in value, offering both financial returns and the prestige of owning a landmark home in one of Los Angeles’s most celebrated neighborhoods.

In conclusion, the real estate details and investment potential of Bob Barker’s Hollywood Hills home illustrate a compelling opportunity. The property’s rich history, combined with its architectural beauty and the enduring allure of its celebrity connections, positions it uniquely in the competitive Los Angeles real estate market. Potential buyers have the chance not only to enjoy a beautiful and well-appointed home but also to invest in a piece of cultural heritage that promises to grow in value over time.

Market CharacteristicsHigh demand, low turnover, scenic views, proximity to central Los Angeles, celebrity enclave.
Property ValuesSteady appreciation due to desirability and limited availability.
Historical SignificanceHome is a recognized Historic-Cultural Monument, adding protection and prestige, contributing to higher valuation.
Celebrity ConnectionThe home’s association with Bob Barker enhances its market appeal and status.
Investment PotentialHigh, due to architectural distinction, historical significance, and celebrity legacy. Potential for fast appreciation in value.
Cultural ValuePurchasing the home is also an investment in a piece of Hollywood history, adding cultural and financial value.

The late Bob Barker’s storied residence in the Hollywood Hills is more than just a piece of prime real estate; it is a living legacy of one of television’s most cherished personalities. Barker, best known for his charismatic hosting of “The Price Is Right,” left an indelible mark on American culture, not just through his entertainment prowess but also through his vigorous advocacy for animal rights. His home, a beautiful Spanish Colonial Revival structure, encapsulates his legacy both in its walls and through the memories it holds of its famed owner.

Owning this home offers a unique opportunity to preserve a slice of Hollywood history. For over 50 years, this property was not just Bob Barker’s residence but a gathering place for moments of joy and celebration, a quiet retreat from the public eye, and a bastion of personal achievements and public service. The home itself, with its original frescoes, stained glass, and Spanish tiles, stands as a testament to the rich historical and cultural tapestry of Los Angeles. Its designation as a City of L.A. Historic-Cultural Monument underscores its significance, offering potential owners the prestige of contributing to the conservation of the city’s architectural and cultural heritage.

For potential buyers, this property presents a rare opportunity to connect with Hollywood’s glamorous past. The chance to own and live in a home that was once the residence of a beloved television icon and a respected community figure is an invitation to be part of a continuing story. However, it is not just about preservation but also about evolution. The new owners have the chance to bring their vision to the residence, to infuse modern comforts and personal touches while respecting and retaining the historical elements that make it unique. This approach not only enhances the livability of the home but also ensures that its historical value is maintained and appreciated by future generations.

Restoring the home to its original splendor is a respectful nod to its past, an act that would honor Bob Barker’s legacy while adapting the space to contemporary needs. Such a restoration could be meticulous—carefully planning each detail to match historical accuracy while integrating modern technology discreetly to maintain the home’s old-world charm. This thoughtful balance between preservation and modernization can significantly increase the property’s value, both financially and historically, making it an even more appealing investment.

Potential buyers are encouraged to view this home as a canvas, rich with history but also ripe for personalization. This property does not merely offer a living space but a creative project, a historical stewardship, and an investment in one of Los Angeles’s most prestigious neighborhoods. It is an opportunity to contribute to the cultural narrative of the city, preserving a piece of its architectural history while adding a personal chapter to the ongoing story of Outpost Estates.

In conclusion, Bob Barker’s home is more than an architectural marvel or a celebrity residence; it is a bridge between the past and the future. It offers potential owners the chance to own a significant part of Hollywood history, to inhabit a space that resonates with stories of fame, and to embark on a personal journey of restoration and customization. This home is not just a place to live—it is a place to give life to new memories while cherishing the old, making it a truly unique investment in both a personal and historical sense.

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